Using Whole Blood Viscosity Tests in Clinical Trials

We offer a unique assay that provides an edge in research. Blood viscosity is a dynamic measure of blood flow that accounts for cellular interactions at low shear rates and erythrocyte deformability at high shear rates. In particular, blood viscosity at the low shear rate represents the perfusion in microvasculature. Rheovector provides our clients and research partners with a diagnostic test that is applicable from drug discovery to monitoring efficacy and safety.

Rheovector Lab Services’ unique biophysical assay is applicable to all phases of drug and medical device development. Using proprietary instrumentation at our centralized lab, we enable our clients and research partners to enhance their existing panels and markers with a dynamic measure of Blood Viscosity.


  • Optimize new therapeutics
  • Stratify patients in clinical trials
  • Hit blood perfusion and wall shear stress targets
  • Develop new life cycle management strategies

Our science can serve as an asset not only to pharmaceutical and medical device companies but also to CRO’s, third-party diagnostic labs, and academic researchers. We provide a means to differentiate the research and testing capabilities of our clients and partners.